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Governor Schwarzenegger Signed Two Solar Bills

Our solar-advocating governor has signed in two bills that will add monetary incentives for installing more solar. AB 920 will mean that solar on your home won't just reduce your electric bill; you might actually get paid by the utility for producing more than you consume. And SB 32 means that the utilities have to buy energy at above-wholesale prices from producers between 1.5 and 3 megawatts. So we might see more big installations on large roofs and large parking lots.

LA Times

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Get a Free Tree from PG&E

As part of the Our City Forest Campaign, Pacific Gas and Electric, as part of its trialĀ Shade and Save program, is giving away trees to select customers. The trees will shade homes and air conditioning units, reducing energy cost and energy demand. To qualify, customers must first have a central or window mounted A/C unit. Second they must submit an application through the Our City Forest website. Third, an Our City Forest representative will due a home visit to determine the species best suited for the location as well as were the tree should be placed. After signing a liability form and agreeing to care for the tree, the tree is planted. Three months later an inspector will come by to check on it.