Terraform Earth

Carbon Capturing Concrete

The most widely used building material on Earth is concrete and the production of concrete is a significant contributer of green house gas emissions. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Carbon Sense Solutions is a firm specializing in carbon capture technologies and mitigation. They have developed a method of sequestering carbon during the curing phase of concrete. In addition to curing faster, the concrete cracks less and has better overall physical properties. It is more durable and more resistant to moisture. “Freshly mixed concrete is exposed to a stream of carbon-dioxide-rich flue gas, rapidly speeding up the reactions between the gas and the calcium-containing minerals in cement (which represents about 10 to 15 percent of the concrete’s volume). The technology also virtually eliminates the need for heat or steam, saving energy and emissions.” The technology works for pre-cast concrete, so in addition to encouraging prefab design, it will reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry. The technology has the potential to reduce emissions in the industry by 20 percent.


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