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Home Depot To Accept CFL Bulbs for Recycling

Take them to Home Depot


Over 100 million CFL bulbs were purchased in the United States last year. The bulbs are great for energy savings, but must be recycled properly to prevent toxic mercury from entering the environment and ultimately affecting human health. In many places, municipal waste recyclers can not accept the burned out bulbs. Now there is another option. Home Depot will accept all expired, unbroken bulbs for recycling. Bring your bulbs to any Home Depot store and hand them to the store associate at the returns desk. With more than 75% of homes within 10 miles of a Home Depot this will make recycling bulbs easier for many people and prevent a lot of mercury from polluting the environment. Home Depot is also changing all of the bulbs in its lighting showcase to CFLs to encourage people to switch to CFLs as well as to save 16 million dollars in energy cost. The EPA’s Energy Star program has estimated that if every American home switched to CFLs more than 600 million dollars of energy cost each year would be saved and the emissions equivalent to 800,000 cars would be prevented. During the life-span of the bulbs sold by Home Depot last year, nearly 52 billion pounds of CO2 emissions will be prevented and 4.8 billion dollars of energy cost saved. Home Depot also put in place a program last year to accept mixed plastics and shrink-wrap for recycling. For its efforts, Home Depot was named an Energy Star Retail Partner in both 2006 and 2007.


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