Terraform Earth

Green Spaces and Urban Health

” Master plans for urban development should pay more attention to maintaining and increasing greenery filled public  areas that are easy to walk in and are within easy walking distance of every household. Closer and more effective collaboration among health, construction, civil engineering, planning, and other relevant sectors including government agencies, which has been minimal until now, should be encouraged more, on the basis of the present evidence.” 

“•A five year cohort study showed that residential environments with walkable green spaces positively influenced the longevity of urban senior citizens. 

• This association was observed independent of a person’s age, sex, marital status, baseline functional status, and    socioeconomic status. “

• The obtained evidence is believed to constitute a basis for a decisive shift in favour of urban planning policy that promotes the health of residents. 

• The provision of greenery filled public areas that are nearby and easy to walk in should be advanced by intersectoral collaboration. “


Takano, T, Nakamura, K, & Watanabe, M (2002). Urban residential environments and senior citizens’ longevity in megacity areas: the importance of walkable green spaces.  Journal of Epidemiology           and Community Health56, 913-918.


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