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Shovel Full of Dirt

Victory Garden Overview

Victory Garden Overview


S.F. Victory Garden Update

The Slow Food Nation Blog has daily updates on the progress of the victory garden. Yesterday, we staked down the planting beds and began filling them with soil.  All day, teams of dedicated volunteers spooned shovels full of dirt into wheelbarrows which were pushed across the garden to the bed that needed filled. Volunteers inside the bed raked the soil into even layers. We filled almost half of the beds. The weather was perfect for gardening. Everybody volunteering had a great time. And there was a lot of positive interest and encouragement from people walking by and stopping to take a look. There is still a need for volunteers to help in the construction of the garden and there will also be a need for volunteers after the completion of the garden to be interpretive guides to visitors to the garden. Food will be harvested from the garden during the Slow Food Nation Event Aug. 29-Sept. 1. In addition to harvesting food from the victory garden there will be tasting festivals, slow food markets, and a lecture series. If there is enough public interest in the Victory Garden it could be permanent!


S.F. Victory Garden and City Hall

S.F. Victory Garden and City Hall


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