Terraform Earth

Bike Trees!! and more~

(this video is so long.. start from 0:11 to see it, then go to 0:30 to see how it works)

Bike Tree Website

These Bike Trees are used by swiping your smartcard, which you’d pay monthly/yearly for membership. They’re starting to set up a network of these in S.F. so they can have a bike program like carshare. They’re still figuring out the details of the program, networking, and prices (so maybe you can influence their decisions by sending them comments!)

Bicycle Commuter Services

Bert Hill – berth@biketree.com415.337.1156

38 El Sereno Court, San Francisco, CA 94127

They are powered by the sun. yea!! The canopy protects bikes from rain and their height protects them from bike theives! they also got an automated security camera on there.


fingerprint control

This guy, Abhinav Dapke, came up with the idea of having a pad for your fingerprint to secure the bike. i like this idea better cuz that way, the bike tree is for anyone to use! i also like the scale of these lil six-bike trees (they need to add some canopies)


BIke Tree, University of Hong Kong

Bike Tree proposal by students, Chun Yeug Cheng and Ka Fai Lee, from University of Hong Kong!

I like this design cuz lots of bikes on one tree!! and it’d be cool to have in a public space. (if on grass, probably need to have some paved areas around and to the tree, which could look cool too) I have no idea how you’re supposed to get it up or down.. (if anyone finds info on that, let me know! i searched for a good 20 min, but no luck)

this proposal was submitted for a 2006 competition called Reinventing the Bike Shed, held by Architects at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios(check’em out, they’re labeled as sustainable, “community architects”)

Moskow Architects, who won the competition, proposed a conveyor belt style bike rack called H.U.B. (Habitat for Urban Bicyclists). 2006 Press Releases stated that as the winner, their design would be built in Southwark, London and if successful, it would be replicated all over London; however, that was two years ago and I haven’t been able to find any photos of it anywhere. Not dissing it.) It looks like a rack at the dry cleaners.

A finalist, Anthony Lau came up with Clamp-On Cycleloops, steel tube bike racks which are easy to install and secure onto existing infrastructure such as lamp posts.


Tokyo Bike Tower


. . . .

In terms of efficiency, cost – how many bikes it stores, and public pleasure factor, i think Bike Trees and Bike Towers are winners,

however, my favorite is the one below.


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